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The week in meeting notes


Fhew!  Well that was fun!  I just finished working on a piece for a contest that the School of Visual storytelling is holding.  I've been working in small chunks on the project for weeks, but decided I needed to put some time in to finish it.  Since I am always looking for posts on people process, I thought I'd share mine with you for this piece.

We were given a prompt which was to create a scene based on the line

...and Bernie escaped the zoo.

When I read this the first thing I thought of was a rat.  A rat that escaped the zoo with a bag of all the animal's food.  Often times I am at work or in meetings when I come up with an idea (I have a day job.  You gotta pay the bills).  These were my original sketches.  I wanted the rat running away but wanted the action to be towards the reader and not to the side.  I also knew that I wanted to have some pissed off zoo animals in the background and started sketching out ideas for them as well.

Later I was able to look up some vis…

Gert Dancing

Here's a little process on a drawing I did the other day.

I've found that I really love working in colored pencil just because of the lack of smearing by my being left handed.  I've also discovered how much I like to ink with a brush.
I then used colored pencil.
Then onto photoshop and wacom.  One of the reasons I wanted to share this was to show that those doodles and sketches you might line the sides of your paper with that you might throw away or think you need to redo on a sheet or real drawing paper can actually turn into something pretty nice.