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Fugazi Poster

This mornings music mix consisted of Radiohead, Daft Punk, OFF!, The Hives, Jay-Z, and Fugazi.  It got my brain percolating.  I wanted to make a poster. First I found some images, drew them up in ink.

I threw them into photoshop, and with a little Wacom magic, whala!  It's fun making posters for bands who don't need them.

Graphics for my number one client, my wife

Besides my day job, my paintings, my aspirations for illustrations, I have been working for my wife, Emily, for a few years now.  She is a teacher and blogger and a TPTer.  For those that don't know, TPT, or Teachers Pay Teachers, is a site dedicated to teachers looking for resources they can use in their classrooms.  For the past year and a half, she has worked hard to produce and sell educational products for first grade teachers and she's been really successful! For my part, I've tried to help by creating art for her products.  I've done everything from inked drawings
to banners
to logos

to digital illustrations

to painted illustrations.

It is fun and rewarding to be able to help her. I don't mention this work much but I think its worth sharing. 


How I emerged from December

Whew.  December man.  Jam packed with highs, lows, drama, sales, purchases, presents, and most definitely changes.

As with most holiday seasons, December should include Thanksgiving since it gets automatically sucked into everything that ends by New Years Eve.  Our November ended with the sad Passing of Nana.  Though she wasn't my own grandma, I had spent more time with Nana than any other grandparental figure in my life.  I knew her for 18 years and I lived next door to her for 8.  We were lucky to spend time with her before her sudden passing.  I know I'll miss her this spring as I work out in my backyard and she won't be there watching me from her room in her pepto bismol pink robe.  We miss you Nana!

Since everyone was in town for the funeral, the aunts and cousins and everyone got to come visit me at the Art Walk at Essex Studios!  The support was great and the show was so fun to be at.  I had space on a wall for my work and a bench behind me that I could sit and watc…