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Artworks Secret Art Show was a success!

Last night, Em and I got to go to Artworks Secret Art show. Patrons of the arts pay for tickets that give them a voucher to purchase 5 x 7 original art pieces from hundreds of local artists from around the Cincinnati area.  When the doors opened to the gallery, everyone streamed in to find pieces they wanted to snag before anyone else got them.  Em and I patiently waited and walked through the crowds looking at other peoples work, but also trying to find my stuff and see if anyone picked them.  We found all three and as the night went on all three were picked!  I was so happy that all of them went home and that it benefited the arts here in Cincinnati.  Now that the secret is out, I can share the pieces I entered.
Tugboat Playa
I know you are but what am I
We Can Dance
I'm so glad that I can share these now.  

Artworks Secret Art Show this Friday!

This week I have a few "secret" pieces of altered thrift store art down at Artworks Cincinnati's Secret Art Show.  Patron's ticket price includes a voucher for one piece of art that they can choose at the party.  All proceeds go toward different art projects and sponsorships around town. If you're interested in going tickets are available at the link below. Also, if you just want to see them on display, they are being show at the Westin hotel in downtown Cincinnati all week.  So come support local art!

Planes, Trains, and Rapture My newest Altered Thrift Store Painting

My newest piece, titled Planes, Trains, and Rapture is finished.  This was my first actual painting using my new Golden Open Acrylic paints.  I read about the open acrylic line and was intrigued by the slow drying process that could produce easier blending.  I've used acrylics before, but always felt like I had to really rush for time to finish before it dried.  I also thought the consistancy was easier to work with than traditional acrylics.  I wanted to make sure I got this out before thanksgiving since Planes, Trains, & Automobiles is one of the only Thanksgiving movies I can think of.  I hope you like it!

Royal Tenenbaum

This week I got a "special present" at work.  My boss decided to get me a Wacom Cintiq!  So now I have been practicing using it with little projects.  One of them is this image of Royal Tenenbaum which started as one of my weekly meeting notes.  I was really happy with my initial results and wanted to share.  Have a great weekend!