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Art Show at Red Tree Gallery

A few weeks ago I got an email from Red Tree Gallery asking me to submit some of my work for their illustration show.  I think that they probably got my name off the Cincy Illustrators Blog and I was thrilled to be asked.  I haven't had anyone ask me to show anything before!  But that meant I needed to get things prepared.  Most of my paintings have the original used frames with them but some of them didn't come with frames at all. Luckily, I was able to find some great gems at the local salvation army.  In a past life, I used to be a picture framer.  It was one of my favorite jobs.  So I was able to use my framing skills to get all the paintings mounted and wired and ready to show publicly and not just in my basement.

My next conundrum was price.  I have no idea how to price my work.  My instinct is to price low and I think that is only because it is hard for me to ask someone to buy something that I might not be able to afford.  I didn't go to art school so I have no gui…

Friday Meeting notes and more

So today is Friday and that means meeting notes.  This morning, I was charged with trying to get a web conference going.  In order to test audio, I needed a song or video that was reliable and long.  Very long.  So of course I chose this.
10 hours of Jake singing about making bacon pancakes.  Once it starts it just doesn't stop...being entertaining!  It became a topic of discussion among confused meeting attendees that was just killing me.  So inadvertently, bacon pancakes became the overwhelming influence on today's sketches.

First Bacon sketch
 S'more Bacon Cleaned up Bacon
I'm also submitting my work for an art show this weekend.  I'm going to see if they like my stuff, but it was cool to get asked! Wish me luck!