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Ghostbusters 30th anniversary weekend!

It's Ghostbusters 30th anniversary weekend!  I'm all ready. 
I'm wearing my Bill Murray Shirt.  One of my kids last night said I'm not afraid of no ghosts ON THEIR OWN.  Now we just have to go see the movie in theaters! To go along with the theme,I wanted to share a better version of the final Altered/Re-Directed thrift store piece I did called Ghost Walkin' that I featured back in June .
To go along with the theme, I thought I'd share all my Bill Murray Goodness as well.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Creepy Mario

Another wonderful altered/Re-Directed thrift store print by me.  I took this innocent picture of a little girl in a snow outfit and made her into Super Mario.  I tried pastels and pencils on this one.  It comes framed in a beautiful pink wooden frame.  Enjoy!

Billy, Don't You Lose My Number

Ah Bill Murray.  I never expected him to be such a muse.  As I've come to find out, Mr. Murray is a muse to many people as one of my Bills was featured in the Bill Murray Affair art show out in San Francisco.  I began this as an experiment for larger works.  I have some ideas floating around with people and words so I wanted to see what it would look like on a small scale.  I really wanted to dive into using oils on this one, but fear and money put that on the back burner.  I ended up using my good old gouache.  Its a weird and tricky medium to handle because on one hand you can add water later and create washes to blend colors, but adding water can sometimes pull the colors which can be frustrating if you were trying to blend things together.  I'm really interested in what I can do with some oil paints.  Its such a different process.  I've got alla prima at home to read and I want to do the chip chart exercise in the book on mixing color.  When I mix color I feel like I&#…

Daft Punk is Playing at her house!

I've been working on this piece for a long time.

 After Much Work, we reach the final. 
I hope you enjoy,

WIP Another Day, Another Bill

Ready for the Murray Affair!

Framed, packed, and shipped!  Glad my Frame & Save skills were put to good use cutting the frame and glass down to size.