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Reflektor by Arcade Fire

Here is a piece I've been sitting on for months and finally got around to finishing.  I was inspired by Arcade Fire's appearance on SNL.  Since I'm new to using gouache, I didn't feel comfortable painting over the girl with the bluish glass.  So, through the power of photoshop, I was able to combine the two images.  Also, you can check out the performance that inspired the illustration below.

RIP Egon

Underwater review

Just so everyone knows, I didn't win the contest.  I never intended to. My point was to show up.  Work on something and show what I did.  I haven't been painting or digitally painting for long so I am happy with the critique.  To be honest, I wanted to work the painting a lot more and I'm still in the early stage of my process as an artist in this medium.  But if you want to see what others submitted check out the video below.  My review is right at the 20 minute mark.

Dino Farm

I started working on this piece this weekend but I've been planning on this one for a while.   knew that I wanted to turn the geese in this image into dinosaurs.  I decided to use guache instead of acrylic since I wanted to have the freedom to work the dinosaurs skin a little bit while still being able to add the detail of the line work. The piece was a little large for my scanner so I had to stitch four different pieces together to get this up onto the screen.  I hope everyone enjoys!


So here is a new digital painting I did for a contest for the school of visual storytelling.  I'm not really happy with the results because I don't think that it flows together.  But, it's all a learning process.

Also Just for reference, here is the original inked version.

Inking with a brush for the first time

It's so weird that you never think to do or use a tool that is right in-your-face. In my mind inking was something you did with the pen never even thinking about using the brush. But I was going to use a brush possibly for a piece I was working on and I wanted to test it out so I tested out on this little sketch that I made for a possible animation project that I might try to do it some point in the future. Thought I'd share.

Birthday Card in Crayon