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Flashback Friday - Maroons Comics

I've seen other people do this Flashback Friday bit, so I thought I'd do one of my own.  Years ago, I wrote and drew a comic strip called Maroons.  It followed the lives of Porkpie, Quackmeyer, and Mooseport as they tried their best to live together as roomates.  I only submitted the strip to one publisher and got a response back to try it as a web comic.  I also got the sense from the publisher that the industry was dying and it wasn't a viable career anymore.  Though my childhood dream of becoming Jim Davis didn't come true, I did take a crack at it.


Hand Drawings/Module Design

One of my many hats that I have here at the University of Cincinnati is module developer.  Last year I was brought on to a team of instructors and instructional designers to come up with a "choose your own adventure" style game for a dual enrollment class that was being taught simultaneously in Mexico and here in Cincinnati.  The topic for the game was about the limited rights and options that women have when trying to cross the border here in the US.  I convinced the instructor that doing hand drawn images instead of cherry picked photos would give the whole piece a harsher and gritter feel to it.  She agreed to the design so I set out to work.  This is what I came up with.

Cosmic Dog

At work, I was assigned to create an illustration of a "one celled dog" based on an illustration a professor gave to me.  While I finished the illustration (which, by the way, was never used because you know, we were copying someone else's work), I thought about what the opposite of the one celled dog would be and came up with the cosmic dog.

Digital Photo Art

Here are a few fun pieces I created that involve my kids.  I love taking photographs and manipulating them can be fun too.

I Heart Huckabees Poster

I love seeing people create fan posters now a days.  They are so detailed and so good.  If you want to be jelous of someone's career look at the guys over at mondo.  I'd love for that to be my work.  Alas...Anyway, so I decided to make a poster of my own for the movie I Heart Huckabees (which, btw, is one of my favorite movies).  My hope is that eventually I will create a series of these for each character but for now we start out with Dawn, played by Naomi Watts.

Baa Baa Blacksheep

Aviator Bees

My wife is a school teacher, a blogger, and a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and so we have been working together on building up different products to use in all these places.  One of the things we try and avoid is using clipart so in turn that means that I have to come up with our own images.  One of her powerpoint presentations called for bees involved in reading and writing so I decided to try and see what I could come up with using Illustrator.  The results are so much better than I imagined!

Faculty Orientation Video

[vimeo] This is another motion graphic animation I created for UCIT at the University of Cincinnati.  Once again this was totally produced by me (written, directed, edited, animated, voiced).

UCIT Freshman Orientation 2013

This is an animated video I created for UCIT at the University of Cincinnati. In true DIY spirit, I wrote most of the script, shot all the video, created all the animations, and provided voice over for the thing.

Rescue Dogs

This is my first ever submission to  I had never heard of the site but as I've been doing research on becoming an illustrator, I stumbled upon it and thought I'd take a crack at this weeks topic, Rescue.